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"We will protect all humans!"

Belserion to Irene Belserion in "Dragon Seed"

Belserion (ベルせリオン Beruserion) was a Dragon known as The Sage Dragon (賢竜 Kenryū) who allied himself with humans during the Dragon King Festival.[1]


Belserion is a Dragon sporting features typical of his species: large, quadrupedal body build, sharp claws, tough beige scales, large wings, and a tail, with a smooth, armor-like underbelly. Of his draconian features, Belserion's most notable features are the exceeding amount of sharp protrusions on the various parts of his body: large tusks jut out from and curve around either side of his jaw; two large horns that stick out from the back of his head; two long maxillary canines protrude from his bottom jaw; his chin is rather sharp; he has a horn on his snout; the scapulars of his wings also feature large, spiked protrusions.[1]


Belserion appears to be of loyal and righteous heir, wanting to continually serve and protect his queen, Irene, even if she felt like he paid his debt towards her already. He also cares very much for humans, due to them saving his life in his past.[2]


Some time in his past, Belserion's life was in danger, but he was saved by Irene's predecessor and pledged his life to protecting Irene.[3]

Irene offers to participate in the war alongside Belserion

Later, he returned to the Kingdom of Dragnof from his patrolling of the West, noting to the guards that it had becoming increasingly violent while asking for Irene's location. He found her in the courtyard and told her that the western Dragons will be invading Ishgar soon, and adamantly expressed his desire to protect all humans.[2] After some time of taking part in the war, a wounded Belserion noted that they wouldn't win, but that his desire to protect humans had not wavered. The Dragon and Irene argued about the repayment of his debt, but when Irene brought up the possibility of fighting in the war, Belserion found it ludicrous. His disapproval of the idea turned into one of utter shock when he found out that Irene's plan was to have him bestow his own Magic onto her to turn her into a Dragon Slayer,[4] which he ultimately did.[5] By the time of the war's climax, Belserion was killed, like many other Dragons, by Acnologia.[6] In his memory and in a quest for vengeance, Belserion's name was later taken on by Irene.[5]

Magic and Abilities

Sage Dragon Slayer Magic: Belserion, being a Dragon, possessed the power which could go on to be called Dragon Slayer Magic once bestowed unto Irene, a human.[7] (Unnamed)

Flight: Like all Dragons, Belserion possesses wings which allow him to fly.[1]

Immense Durability: After battling some of the western Dragons, Belserion is seen with many scars and cuts upon his skin but wasn't hindered by them, holding a typical conversation with Irene.[8]

Immense Magic Power: Besides holding large reserves as a Dragon, Belserion is a Sage Dragon, which simply allows him to increase or amplify power to levels to something that transcends the land, the sky, and the seas.[9]


Battles & Events


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