Belno (ベルノ Beruno) was a former member of the Magic Council who was forced to step down from her position after the misuse of Etherion. She is later among the many current and former Council members assassinated by Tartaros.


Belno is a tall elderly woman. She usually wears a cloak like other council members, and has on a purple turtle-neck. Her most noticeable trait is her long nose, which gives her more of a witch-like appearance. She has sandy blonde hair, which she ties up into a large ponytail that seem to fan out into a series of spiky tear-dropped shapped tufts of hair.


Like other council members, she seems largely opposed to the actions of Fairy Tail. She seems to have a more relaxed personality compared to her former co-worker, Org.[2]


Not much is known about Belno's past. However, at some point she had a deceased son who, according to her, resembled Gajeel greatly.[1]


Macao arc

Belno is present at the Magic Council meeting where the matter of Fairy Tail is addressed.[3]

Lullaby arc

The Magic Council has another meeting after Lullaby is defeated and captured by Fairy Tail. Belno is silent when Siegrain and Ultear remind the council Fairy Tail ended up saving the day.[4]

Belno is present when Erza Scarlet is brought before the council.[5] She is shocked when Natsu Dragneel storms into the meeting disguised as Erza.[6]

Phantom Lord arc

During Makarov's hearing after the war with Phantom Lord, Makarov falls asleep. This makes Belno angry, though some members simply laugh.[7] In addition, when Gajeel Redfox is brought to the Council about his wreaking havoc during his time in Phantom Lord, Belno personally asks from Gajeel to abandon his guild and find a greater purpose for his life. She also tells Gajeel that he reminds her of her dead son.[8]

Tower of Heaven arc

Magic Council surprised

Belno surprised

Belno reappears, at a meeting concerning the remaining Tower of Heaven tower. Org is surprised there are any towers left after the Council ordered them to stop being made over eight years ago. Belno informs him that there is an eighth tower off the coast of the Caelum Kingdom. Belno and the council is also told by Leiji that the tower is under the control of a man named Jellal.[9]

Magic Council's reaction to Etherion

Belno's reaction to Etherion

When using a small army to destroy the tower is suggested, Siegrain grows angry and calls the council weaklings. He then claims the only way to destroy the tower is to use the Etherion. This request shocks Belno, as well as the rest of the council.[10]

Belno votes in favor of Etherion

Belno votes in favor of Etherion

Org argues using the Etherion is dangerous, as it will kill everyone in the tower, including the innocent people in it. Leiji protests against Org stating it may be necessary for some sacrifices to be made this time. Belno agrees with Leiji's point and votes for the use of the Etherion as well.[11]

The rest of the council remains against Siegrain until he mentions Jellal, the man in charge of the Tower of Heaven, is somebody well known to him, and that he is planning to resurrect the feared Black Mage, Zeref. This shocks the council and they demand to know everything that Siegrain does.[12] The rest of council, except for Yajima shortly vote in favor shortly after.[13]

Belno prays with the rest of the council as the Etherion is fired upon the tower.[14] After it is fired, the council is shocked to see the tower still stands with a new form made of Lacrima.[15] Belno and the other council members flee the building when it starts to collapse due to Ultear's Arc of Time.[16]

Belno is also seen in Erza's vision when Erza is trapped in the vortex. There at Erza's funeral Belno and other Magic Council members came to award Erza with the title of the Ten Wizard Saints which is ignored by the other saddened Fairy Tail members.[17] After these events the Magic Council is reformed;[18] Belno is not part of the new Council.[19]

Tartaros arc

Belno is found dead

Belno is found dead in her home

As per their goal to kill all ex-Council members, Belno is found by Tartaros and murdered in her home; due to the lack of signs of a struggle, her death is noted to have been an assassination.[20] Staying true to her wishes for him, Gajeel promises her that he will lead a meaningful life.[21]

Magic and Abilities

Thought Projection (思念体 Shinentai): Belno is capable of creating a Thought Projection of herself which she uses to attend trials of Mages in the court room without even being there in person.[22]


  • (To Gajeel Redfox) "I am not going to stand here and lecture you about how to live a just and proper life... But... I will stand here and tell you to live one that has some meaning."[23]

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  • Originally, Belno was supposed to be the person to guide Gajeel to Fairy Tail, but that was changed to Makarov.[24]


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