Belletokia (ベルエトキア Beruetokia) is an Exceed who used to be from the kingdom of Extalia but now resides in Earth Land with the rest of her race.[1]


Belletokia is a violet Exceed with black eyes, thin eyebrows and a long tail with purple stripes. She wears a large red ribbon on her head together with a yellow shirt with a light yellow collar, a red skirt and white shoes.[2]


Belletokia loves pineapples. She wishes to become a scholar in the future. Her striped tail is her charm point.[3]


Edolas arc

Belletokia playing with Clap and Monmo

Belletokia is first seen playing with Clap and Monmo during Happy and Carla's tour of Extalia.[1]

Later, when Wendy Marvell and Carla arrive in Extalia to warn the Exceeds about the Kingdom's plan to destroy them, she, like the other Exceeds, doesn't believe in them and starts to throw rocks at them.[4] When Queen Shagotte arrives and tells them the truth, Belletokia, like the other Exceeds, is extremely shocked and starts crying when the queen says that Carla can kill her if she wants to. After Carla's words, Belletokia decides to help stop the giant Lacrima from hitting Extalia. She and the others manages to stop it, giving Mystogan the chance to teleport the Lacrima back to Earth Land.[5]

However, while celebrating their victory with the others, Panther Lily is shot by Erza Knightwalker,[6] who she then says that she'll take care of. She and Panther Lily later watch the Exceeds being turned into Lacrima by the Royal Army, then after Mystogan arrives, she helps Panther Lily stand up.[7]

Belletokia and the Exceeds apologizing

Like the other Exceeds, Belletokia is sucked by the Reverse Anima to Earth Land.[8] She arrives moments before Team Natsu and checks if everyone that was in the Lacrima was fine. Later, alongside the other Exceeds, she apologizes for being hostile towards Carla and Wendy. They forgive the Exceeds, who then decide to search for the other Exceeds that were sent to Earth Land by the Queen during the Evacuation of the One-Hundred Eggs.[9]

Alvarez Empire arc

Note: Events in this arc occur only in the anime and do not constitute canon material.

100 Years Quest arc

Magic and Abilities

Belletokia using Aera

Aera ((エーラ) Ēra): Belletokia uses this Magic ability that all Exceeds have, allowing her to sprout feathery wings that grant flight while neutralizing the weight of one passenger/object.[10]


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