Beast Soul: Lizardman (リザードマン Rizādo Man) is a Beast Soul Spell.


The user transforms their body to that of a reptilian beast with spiked scales all over its body. This Take Over form is more suitable against opponents that attack with their bare hands since it causes damage to the opponent for every blow they deal. It is a strong defensive form, as the user is able to withstand multiple powerful blows without taking fatal damage.[1]

Special Features

Scales: While employing this form of Take Over, the user in such state are extremely resistant, greatly boosting their defense, and their jagged outlines make attacking them unarmed dangerous: even if the opponent was to be strong enough to break the scales, their limbs would be damaged from doing so, and the effort required to break the scales itself is incredible. This Take Over form amazed Erza Scarlet, and, most importantly, allowed Elfman to defeat someone as powerful as Bacchus, who was left exhausted after striking him with a barrage of blows.[2]


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