Battle Suit (バトルスーツ Batoru Sūtsu)[1] is a Machina Soul Spell.


Battle Suit is a form of Machina Soul which allows its user to take over the capabilities and assets of machines that the user touches, allowing the user to transform their attire into that of well-armored outfits, these being equipped with heavy weaponry.[2]

In Jenny's case, the spell grants her a dark magenta-colored armored outfit consisting of a ruffled navy headband which is attached to conical ear protectors which jut out and backwards. Her torso is covered by a battle suit with light edges, split in two main parts: a revealing shirt exposes a fair amount of her cleavage and her belly, while her legs are covered in similar, tight-fitting pants leaving the inner parts of her thighs exposed. The two pieces are joined together on the front by two thin, dark straps, creating an "X" in correspondence to Jenny's abdomen, each of their edges secured by thin, light bolts, while on the back the shirt and pants become one, with a thong-like garment covering her bottom leaving the upper central part of it exposed. She sports light gloves extending up to her shoulders, each secured by a series of buttons on the inner part of her arms, which possess metal plating in correspondence to her hands and metal bands on their upper edges; every arm has the above mentioned part linked together by a thick, dark cord, solidly remaining arched and not hanging down, similar to a hosepipe. Her legs are covered by armored thigh-high boots, sporting distinctively large upper edges protruding upwards, as well as metal high heels. Jenny's neck is hidden by plate armor that extends on her shoulders in the form of rounded pauldrons and up to her chin, with two peculiar protrusions hiding her ears away jutting outwards, getting smaller as they get farther from her face.[3]


It is currently unknown what advantages the Battle Suit grants Jenny. However, while wearing it, she was shown emerging relatively undamaged from a fierce assault from Mirajane while the latter was in her Sitri form, the Take Over spell described as her strongest Satan Soul transformation.[4]


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