The Bar Sun is a moderately sized bar.


Bar Sun is located somewhere within the capital of Fiore, Crocus.[1]

Exterior Design

Sun Bar's entrance

The Bar Sun's entrance

The Bar Sun is an average sized building that is two stories high, that seems to be primarily composed of wood. On the front side of the building, there are four windows on the top floor and two on the bottom floor, each one of these is very decoratively carved. The entrance to the bar is also made of wood and above it is the sign for the bar, which is also decoratively carved. On the sign is the bar's name in dark letters.[1]

Interior Design

Inside the Sun Bar

Inside The Bar Sun

The interior of the bar, like the exterior, is composed almost completely of wood. There are several wooden cafeteria tables spread across the room. There are multiple portraits hanging on the walls of the building, and in addition, there are several potted plants on the high beams.[2]


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