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Balsamico Castle is an anime-exclusive castle owned and inhabited by Count Balsamico and his daughter Aceto.


Beside the fact that it's located somewhere in the Kingdom of Fiore, the exact location of the castle is unknown.[1]

Exterior Design

Balsamico Castle has an extremely unique exterior design as it appears as a giant building shaped like a fruit plate, while the upper floors and rooms are shaped like various fruits and vegetables. In the middle of the plate, there's the main tower with an onion-shaped block on the top, which also has a huge statue of a tea cup pouring on it.[1]

Interior Design

The Dance Hall

Inside the main hall, where the dance balls are held, there is a giant grandfather clock attached to a wall on the north of the room, which is oval-shaped and settled with numerous pillars clanged to the walls. Dancers stand on special blue decorated plates which are placed in the air, using a Lacrima attached at the bottom to levitate and move around. The grandfather clock activates at midnight, once every seven years, to display the priceless Balsamico Ring.[1]

Notable Events

Count Balsamico explains the job

In the year X791, Team Natsu, alongside Elfman Strauss and Warren Rocko, arrives at the castle upon Count Balsamico's request to secure their precious ring on that night's Dance Ball, knowing that his daughter's husband will be decided that night. They are informed that a runaway prisoner named Velveno will try to steal the ring, as it's something he attempted to do seven years ago. Shortly thereafter, the ball begins, with each of the Fairy Tail Mages dancing with various people, Suddenly, Gray is engaged in an Ice-Make battle with an unnamed Mage, only to be stopped by Erza. After Aceto and her father arrive, the former starts dancing with Erza until the great grandfather clock strikes midnight, unveiling the Balsamico ring.[1]

Natsu fights Velveno

Just then, a young boy dancing with Wendy is revealed to be the fugitive Velveno himself, using the young girls' Sky Dragon Slayer Magic to steal the ring. By the use of his Magical Drain, Velveno stops Natsu and Erza's attack unexpectedly. In the end, however, he confesses that he came to take the ring and propose to Aceto, his old crush. He states that he tried to see her in the past but her father refused and kept him away from her. As such, he gave up on her and changed to crime, but decided to correct his mistakes and claim her shortly after his time of imprisonment.[1]

Velveno promises Aceto

In surprising reaction, Aceto happily accepts his proposal, stating that she also has been waiting for him. However, she tells him that he must pay for his crimes first, to which he agrees. After the Rune Knights arrive, Velveno vows that he will return to her, as she also promise she will be waiting for him. After that, everyone decides to dance the night away, hoping for Aceto's happiness.[1]


Events in Balsamico Castle


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