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Balsamico is the father of Aceto and the owner of Balsamico Castle.


Balsamico's attire

Count Balsamico is a man of small stature with brown hair that is parted in the middle, ending in curls. Some of his hair are tied up in a ponytail that leans towards the left. He has bushy brown eyebrows and a pointed beard. He also has a pair of large nostrils and a puckered mouth, making him appear like he had eaten something sour. He wears a purple long-sleeved shirt and a white and green bib around his neck. He also wears a pair of baggy pants, striped violet and white with a pair of pointed shoes for footwear.[1]


Count Balsamico is very protective over his daughter to the point that he would lie to her in order to give her what he thinks is best for her. He also thinks lowly of those who are of lower social standing than him, thinking of them as unworthy of his daughter's affection.[1]


Count Balsamico once had a servant named Velveno whom he allowed to have a friendly relationship with his daughter, Aceto. However, Balsamico found out that Velveno fell in love with his daughter, prompting him to kick him out. Over the years, Velveno tried to visit his daughter but Balsamico refused him, pointing out the difference in their social standings, causing Velveno to give up and turn to a life of crime, which subsequently led to his arrest. In the year X784, Velveno, having escaped from prison, tried and failed to get his hands on the Balsamico ring, prompting Balsamico to increase the reward for his capture to 4,000,000 Jewel.png.[1]


Key of the Starry Sky arc

Note: Events in this arc occur only in the anime and do not constitute canon material.

Balsamico and his daughter welcoming Fairy Tail

When Fairy Tail accepts his request and arrives at his residence, Count Balsamico appears to them together with his daughter and briefs them about the mission, a mission wherein the Fairy Tail Mages are to attend the Magic Dance Ball and capture the escaped convict, Velveno, whose Magic he notes makes him difficult to find. In return, he promises the group a reward of 4,000,000 Jewel.png.[1]

Balsamico presents his daughter

As midnight nears, Balsamico appears with his daughter and leads her to the dance floor, stopping the dance as the male stares at Aceto. Once the clock chimes midnight, Balsamico announces that whoever gets to the Balsamico ring first will have the right to propose to his daughter, causing the male Mages to race towards it. However, Velveno, revealing his true form, takes it and proposes to Aceto. Despite the Count's objections, Aceto agrees with the condition that Velveno turns himself in for the crimes that he committed. Angered at the Mages' failure to capture Velveno, Balsamico denies them their reward.[1]

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