Arius (アリオス Ariosu) is an amateur writer posing as the imaginary version of Zeref Dragneel from Lucy Heartfilia's dream.


Arius' appearance is identical to Zeref Dragneel. He is a young man with short black hair and dark eyes. He wears a dark-colored suit and tie alongside a vertical striped dress shirt underneath his coat. He also has a light-colored messenger bag that he carries on his right shoulder.[2]


Arius has a helpful and friendly nature where he returned Mio's handkerchief that he found on the floor as well as telling her about her missing shoes.[3]


Alvarez Empire arc

Arius sneaks into the event meant for Lucy Heartfilia due to him being a fan of her work. Later on he ends up meeting Mio which lead to them becoming friends.[4]


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