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{{Character Template (Teams)
The Revolution was here?!
|name=Archaeological Society
|image=[[File:Archaeological Society.PNG|300px]]
|affiliation=[[Jude Heartfilia]]
|previous affiliation=
|base of operations=
|status= Active
|leader= [[Jean-Luc Neville]]
* 3 unnamed members
|temporary members =
|former members=
|manga debut=
|anime debut= [[Episode 133]]
|image gallery=
The '''Archaeological Society''' is a group of archaeologists whose goal is to preserve the archaeological sites in the kingdom of [[Fiore]].
===Key of the Starry Sky arc===
[[File:Traveling Companions.PNG|thumb|left|200px|Archaeological Society talks to Lucy's group]]
The Archaeological Society, being interested in the clock and having heard rumors of [[Fairy Tail (Guild)|Fairy Tail]]'s journey, approaches [[Lucy Heartfilia|Lucy]]'s group to try to dissuade them. Upon learning her identity and her resolution in following [[Jude Heartfilia|her father]]'s dying wish, Jean-Luc, the head archaeologist, who was familiar with Lucy's father, has a change of heart and uses his team's Dispelling Magic to return [[Natsu Dragneel|Natsu]] back to his original size.<ref name="Episode 133">Fairy Tail Anime: Episode 133</ref>
===Eclipse Celestial Spirits arc===
In a remote jungle, the Archaeological Society witnesses the aftereffects of the [[Eclipse Gate|Eclipse Plan]] on the birds in the jungle; they see the birds making a major, out-of-season migration, leaving them awe-stricken and confused.<ref>Fairy Tail Anime: Episode 205</ref>
==Magic and Abilities==
{{ImgRight|Natsu returns to normal.gif|The group reverts Natsu to his original state|size=200px|thumbnail}}
'''[[Dispel]]''' (解除魔法, ディスペル, ''Disuperu''): The Archaeological Society showed some competence in dispelling magic, being able to erase [[Dan Straight]]'s spell through a team spell, and reverting Natsu to his original size.<ref name="Episode 133" />
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The Revolution was here?!

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