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The Archaeological Society is a group of archaeologists whose goal is to preserve the archaeological sites in the kingdom of Fiore.


Key of the Starry Sky arc

Archaeological Society talks to Lucy's group

The Archaeological Society, being interested in the clock and having heard rumors of Fairy Tail's journey, approaches Lucy's group to try to dissuade them. Upon learning her identity and her resolution in following her father's dying wish, Jean-Luc, the head archaeologist, who was familiar with Lucy's father, has a change of heart and uses his team's Dispelling Magic to return Natsu back to his original size.[1]

Eclipse Celestial Spirits arc

In a remote jungle, the Archaeological Society witnesses the aftereffects of the Eclipse Plan on the birds in the jungle; they see the birds making a major, out-of-season migration, leaving them awe-stricken and confused.[2]

Magic and Abilities

The group reverts Natsu to his original state

Dispel (解除魔法, ディスペル, Disuperu): The Archaeological Society showed some competence in dispelling magic, being able to erase Dan Straight's spell through a team spell, and reverting Natsu to his original size.[1]


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