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Arc of Embodiment (具現のアーク Gugen no Āku) is a Caster-Type Ancient Spell and Lost Magic utilizing imagination.


Rustyrose creates an image from his imagination

Arc of Embodiment is a form of Lost Magic that allows the caster to materialize, and subsequently use to their every whim, anything they can imagine. Any of their creations give them great versatility both in and out of combat. They can range anywhere from everyday objects and weapons[2] to more complex creations,[3] even living ones,[1] or even simple images of whatever may be on the user's mind.[4] These creations are also given special properties that goes accordingly to what they are.[5][6] It has been stated that there are several limits and conditions to this Magic, one of which is that the Magic cannot conjure living creatures, as shown when Bickslow displayed the ability to possess any object conjured by this magic. Despite this, Arc of Embodiment has been considered an invincible Magic by its caster, who additionally claims that nothing can beat the Magic.[7]


Rustyrose's Spells


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