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{{Character Template (Magic)
The Revolution was here?!
|name=Anti-Link Magic
|image={{Switch|option1=Dagger|[[File:Anti-link dagger.png|300px]]|option2=Effect|[[File:Doranbolt Protects Katja.png|300px]]}}
|rōmaji=Anchi Rinku
|type=[[Holder Magic]]
|user=[[Reborn Oración Seis]]
'''Anti-Link''' (アンチリンク ''Anchi Rinku'') is an anime-only [[Holder Magic]].
[[File:Anti-Link's effect.gif|thumb|200px|left|The effects of Anti-Link]]
By using a crystallized ruby {{W|dagger}}, the user can dispel an [[Organic Link Magic|Organic Link]] given to or inherited by a person, as well as "removing" their [[Magic]].<ref name="Ep143">Fairy Tail Anime: Episode 143</ref> If the [[Mage]] is hit directly with the dagger and the link is severed, the affected Mage will be cursed for 100 years of sleep and then goes into a chrysalis-like state.<ref>Fairy Tail Anime: Episode 145</ref> Otherwise the Mage will only lose their Magic.<ref name="Ep143"/>
<references />
[[Category:Holder Magic]]
[[Category:Anime Exclusive Magic]]

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The Revolution was here?!

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