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Anima (アニマー Animā) is a Magic item used in Edolas.[1]


Anima Chamber

Through the usage of a special machine located in the Anima Chamber of the Edolas Castle,[2] an inter-dimensional gate opens in the sky known as Anima. This gate transfers everything from the part of Earth Land where it appeared to its counterpart world called Edolas.[3] For unknown reasons, however, Anima can't absorb those who use Dragon Slayer Magic.[4]

Anima's operation

Because the Magic Power in Earth Land is limitless unlike in Edolas, the former king Faust utilized Anima to steal Earth Land's Magic Power for his own world.[5] His plan was obstructed by Mystogan, former prince and current king of Edolas. Mystogan came to Earth Land, where he was able to suppress Anima from appearing in various location using his Magic Staves.[6]

Reverse Anima

As its name suggests, Reverse Anima is the inverse of Anima, being used for the transfer of organisms and Magic Power from Edolas to Earth Land.[7]


  • Anima is the Latin translation of Greek psyche, which is the totality of the human mind, conscious, and unconscious.


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