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Angel Magic (天使魔法 Tenshi Mahō) is an either a Caster or Holder Magic (depending on its method of employment) related to angels.


Sorano summons Barakiel

Sorano casts Angel's Messenger

Angel Magic revolves around the summoning of angels through the use of golden Angel Coins[1] which are capable of producing different kinds of damage, depending on the kind of angel summoned. It is believed that the Magic is miraculous and will wash away the wielder's "sins" with a "holy light". However, such Magic suffers from two notable drawbacks: the summoning of angels will shorten the caster's life span and will inflict great pain onto them every time the summoned angel is defeated.[2]

These coins are round, glowing and gold in color. The coins' obverse and reverse share the same design; having the motif of a single wing in the center, with curved lines surrounding the wing, and four smaller circles at every direction. There are also arched lines on the sides of the coins.[1]

The pain of a defeated angel inflicts to its summoner

One magical Angel Coin is equivalent to a "cost" of 10.[1] Albeit unknown exactly how much a single coin equates to, each coin represents a certain span of the user's life, and hence stronger angelic beings require more of these magical Angel Coins. Should the summoned angel be defeated, the coins will disintegrate and dematerialize, followed by the Magic's drawbacks. So far, the strongest angel one can summon needs 10 Angel Coins, equating to a cost of 100.[2]

To activate the Magic, the caster first puts their hands onto their chest to summon Angel Coins. The user declares the "cost" they are willing to pay, which causes the coins to appear in the users palm, and proceeds to let the coins levitate up into the air. As the coins release an intense light, the user calls out the name of the angel that equates to the cost they previously decided on, causing the angel to appear and deliver damage to the target.[1] However, in some instances it is shown that the user may not need a cost to summon the angels.[3][4]


Sorano's Spells


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