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Amaterasu (天照(アマテラス) Amaterasu) is a Caster Magic that can be used for various purposes.


Amaterasu is a Magic in which its users perform different hand patterns to create different effects.[1] After performing these mudras, Amaterasu's Magic seals appear, with each formula having a different appearance.[3][4][5] Once written, the seals unleash lethal explosions around and inside the targeted area. The scale of the destruction caused by these explosions seems to be linked to the amount of seals used in the spell, as while Formula 28's explosion encompassed the space between Makarov and Hades,[3] Formula 100's engulfed a significant portion of Tenrou Island.[6] Casting Amaterasu formulas seems to normally take a considerable amount of time to cast,[3] but experienced users are able to cast it rapidly, even without the use of mudras.[1]


Hades' Spells

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