Alzack Connell & Bisca Connell vs. Midnight is a fight fought between Fairy Tail Mages Alzack Connell and Bisca Connell, and Guild Master of the Reborn Oración Seis: Midnight.


Vijeeter informing Fairy Tail about Kardia Cathedral

Vijeeter informing Fairy Tail about Kardia Cathedral

While some of the Fairy Tail members are waiting at the guild to hear news about the fights with the Dark Guild Reborn Oración Seis, Warren receives a call from Gildarts and Laki telling him that the Michelle Lobster they know is an impostor and they have the real one with them. While this is happening, Vijeeter comes running in saying that one of the six generals is attacking the Kardia Cathedral. Alzack volunteers himself and Bisca to take care of it and the two of them head off to the church.[1]


Midnight trying to destroy Will Neville's coffin

Midnight trying to destroy Will Neville's coffin

Midnight appears standing over Will Neville's coffin trying to break it open, but is unsuccessful. Then out of nowhere, a voice comes from behind Midnight telling him to stop what he's doing. Midnight turns around and finds Alzack standing in the distance. Meanwhile, Bisca gets into position atop a stone horse, preparing for the right moment to attack Midnight.

Brain II & Alzack fighting

Alzack attacks Midnight

Back where Alzack and Midnight are, Alzack proclaims to Midnight that he will not let him accomplish his goal and proceeds to attack with Guns Magic, but it is easily deflected by Midnight's Reflector Magic. Alzack continues with Omnidirectional Expansion but Midnight counters with his Magic, which switches his place with Alzack, causing him to be hit by his own attack. With Alzack down, Bisca fires a shot directly at Midnight, but it is reflected back at her, destroying the stone horse and sending her flying.[1]


With Alzack and Bisca defeated, Midnight walks over to Will Neville's coffin. With the Anti-Link completed, Midnight is finally able to destroy the coffin. Afterwards, he proceeds to take the skull within the coffin and destroys it, which in turn unleashes the Infinity Clock's true form.[1]


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