The Albareth Empire (アルバレス帝国 Arubaresu Teikoku) is a large country located in the Western Continent, Alakitasia.[1][2]


Albareth Empire was founded at an unspecified time period by Zeref Dragneel, who subjugated 730 guilds of Alakitasia by martial force and crowned himself Emperor by the name of Spriggan.[3] In year X781, Albareth attempted to wage war on Ishgar's countries in a bid to capture Fairy Tail's most sacred artifact, Lumen Histoire, but halted their invasion after being subjected to the might of Etherion and threatened with Face.[4] This was revealed to be a ruse as Zeref admitted he quelled the unsanctioned war personally.

The empire has also severed all diplomatic relations with the countries of Ishgar in X783.[5]


The Albareth Empire is located on the western continent of Alakitasia. Its exact borders are not known, but it is said to span a large portion of the landmass.[1]

Administration and Government

It is a state in which the current regime is a monarchy, ruled by an Emperor.[2] The current form of the empire was created from the union of 730 Guilds of the continent, who have merged into a single military force of the country.[6] The Emperor also employs a personal guard, composed of the twelve strongest Mages of the continent, known as the Spriggan 12.[2]


Cities & Towns in Albareth Empire



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