Aldoron (アルドロン Arudoron) was one of the five God Seeds that dwell within the Dragon Aldoron's five orbs, as well as the Wood Dragon God's brain itself.[1]




100 Years Quest arc

Magic and Abilities

Wood Dragon Slayer Magic (木の滅竜魔法 Ki no Metsuryū Mahō): Aldoron can utilize elemental Dragon Slayer Magic like all the other Five Dragon Gods, the element in case is wood. Aldoron can also use this Magic to grow multiple large trees from the ground and attack his airborne targets.[2]

  • Leaf Tempest (リーフテンペスト Rīfu Tenpesuto): The God Seed Aldoron creates a whirlwind of fire resistant leaves and uses it to attack his opponents.[3]
  • Forest of Swords (剣戟森森 Kengeki Shinshin): The God Seed Aldoron releases a mass multitude of extremely sharp thorns in all directions from inside the Dragon God's body to attack his target.[4]

Magic Beam: Aldoron has the ability to release magical beams from their both of his hands to attack his target.[5]

Immense Magic Power: The God Seed Aldoron can freely use all the immense Magic Power possessed by the Wood Dragon God himself enough to physically hurt their target just by releasing it.[6] However, with the destruction of the other God Seeds, his access to that immense Magic Power would grow weaker enough for Natsu to be able to see and evade his attack but once the destroyed God Seeds were to be revived by the Dragon God Aldoron then his Magic Power will become stronger again.[7][8]

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: The God Seed Aldoron is an extremely accomplished unarmed fighter enough for him to look down on Natsu when it comes to fighting him in hand-to-hand combat as shown when he is able to defend most of his attacks towards him.[9]

Battles & Events


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