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Akane Beach (アカネ Akane Bīchi) is a town very popular among tourists.


Akane Beach is the most popular tourist spot in Fiore. Among its many attractions is the giant amusement park, the five-star hotel and the huge sandy beach adjacent to the sea. The hotel houses a casino in its basement where visitors can enjoy themselves.[1]


Akane Beach is located in the southern part of Fiore.[2]


Locations in Akane Beach
Akane resort - Amusen Park.jpg
Amusement Park
Akane Resort - Hotel Room.jpg
Akane Resort - Casino.jpg


  • This is the location where the events happened in Chapter 261 took place.[3]
  • Akane is the Japanese word for "madder", a genus of flowering plants, matching the theme of Fiore (Italian for "flower") and some of its locations.
  • Akane Beach was named after SKE48's Akane Takayanagi, after she drew and tweeted a fan art to Hiro Mashima, which he responded by donning her name in the series.[4]


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