Aed (エイド Eido) is a chef who formerly served the Heartfilia Konzern.


Aed is a small man with seemingly shaved head who's mostly seen with his eyes closed, or maybe half-closed. His most distinctive feature is his large, round nose, which is visibly darker on the front, as if it were burnt, possibly a reference to Aed's profession as a cook. He seems to have rather hairy arms.

He dons a typical cook outfit, consisting of a white shirt closed by two large buttons, with its sleeves rolled up, an apron tied around his waist, and a cook's hat. In the manga, he also dons striped pants, which are portrayed as plain in the anime, reaching down below his knees, and paired with simple shoes.


Even though he used to work for her, he loves Lucy Heartfilia like family.


Phantom Lord arc

Listening in on Lucy and Jude's conversation

Heartfilia servants listen to Lucy and her father.

When Lucy comes back home, he overhears Spetto scream her name and he comes to see her. He tells Lucy that she sure has grown and bets she has probably already had a man or two.[1] Later, when Lucy is saying farewell to her father, he, along with the other servants, listens with his ear pressed to the door.[2]

Oración Seis arc

Jude Heartfilia reveals that after the Heartfilia Konzern was sold out, Aed and the other servants had to move out to look for work.[3][4]


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