A City is Destroyed & a Relationship Blooms is an event that took place a few years before the beginning of the series.


After receiving orders from Master Hades, Ultear Milkovich, Zancrow and Kain Hikaru head towards a city in order to find Zeref's key.[1]

A Relationship Blooms

Meredy is found

Ultear and Meredy meet

While walking through a town in ruins, Ultear, Kain, and Zancrow meet a young girl, who Ultear tries to calm down. Despite Zancrow's protest, Ultear lets the little girl live and takes her into Grimoire Heart telling them that she reminds her of when she was a young girl and states that she has a strong potential for Magic, much to Zancrow and Kain's shock. As the years pass, Meredy starts seeing Ultear as her mother.[1]


Ultear commits seppuku

Ultear stabs herself

During Grimoire Heart's war against Fairy Tail, Zancrow reveals to Meredy that Ultear was the one who destroyed her city in the first place.[2] Gaining knowledge of this however, doesn't change Meredy's love for Ultear and consideration as her mother. While leaving Tenrou Island on a rowing boat in the vast ocean, Meredy asks Ultear about the truth in Zancrow's words, to which she confirms but says that she had planned to confess everything someday. She then tries to explain her motives but then says that she's not asking for forgiveness, and knows that Meredy hates her to the point of wanting to kill her. With a knife stabbed into her body, Ultear says that she can't let Meredy dirty her hands anymore, and jumps into the ocean. As she falls, Ultear says that she believes Meredy will find her happiness, and tells her that she loves her. As Ultear drowns, she thinks that dying in her mother's arms, the sea, isn't bad either. Meredy, however, saves her, and links their feeling together. With her Magic connecting her to Ultear, Meredy cries, saying that Ultear was the one who brought her up and that she forgives her. Meredy continues to cry as she asks Ultear not to leave her behind because she loves her as well, and that they should live on together.[3]


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