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Âge Seal (アージュ・シール Ājyu Shīru) is a Caster Magic and type of Time Magic that allows the user to control the properties of time.


Dimaria activating Âge Seal

This Magic gives the user the ability of controlling the time-space continuum by "sealing Time away", giving them the freedom of stopping all and every motion within their "world," suggesting that it is only accessible to the user of the Magic with the user being shown able to freely move around at will during its usage. To activate, the user clicks their teeth together which immediately postpones the time balance. However, it appears that people who are also able to control the laws of space and time are able to penetrate the Magic, canceling it out to those who are affected.[1] Also, there are certain people/magical figures who can bypass this Magic, and it was implied they are able to move freely when the Magic has been activated.[2]


Dimaria's & Chronos' Spells


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