Fairy Tail Zerø: Феи в Твоём Сердце — 266 эпизод аниме 'Fairy Tail' и 91 эпизод из серии 2014 года. Он вышел в эфир 9 января 2016.

As Natsu and Happy's training journey is underway, they travel to Tenrou Island to pay their respects to the First Master, Mavis Vermilion. Her story of what occurred in the year X679 begins as a young Mavis comes to witness Blue Skull invading her guild Red Lizard, saving Zera throughout the chaos. Seven years after the genocide from the war, three strange men arrive to island in search for a legendary treasure.


Персонажи в порядке Появления

  1. Хэппи
  2. Нацу Драгнил
  3. Мазегрея (воспоминание)
  4. Ревир (воспоминание)
  5. Ветрорез (воспоминание)
  6. Огненный Атлант (воспоминание)
  7. Люси Хартфилия (Будущая) (воспоминание)
  8. Люси Хартфилия (воспоминание)
  9. Игнил (воспоминание)
  10. Зереф (воспоминание)
  11. Мавис Вермилион
  12. Джезелф
  13. Зера
  14. Варрод Секвин
  15. Пречт Гаэболг
  16. Юрий Дреяр

Битвы и События

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Различие Манги и Аниме

  • The following parts occur only in the anime:
    • The entire scene of Natsu and Happy traveling through Crocus, on their way to Tenrou Island.
    • The anime adds Zeeself giving Mavis the task of delivering Zera's lunch to her school, her journey towards there, and Mavis interacting with Zera's friends once arriving in the library.
    • A shot of the plank where Mavis writes her calculations upon is shown.
    • One of the wildlife animals covering Mavis with her blanket at night.
    • Added extensions to the war, including the scuffle between Zeeself and a Blue Skull Mage, the latter who ends up killing the master.
  • When mocking Mavis, Zeeself sits on a couch in the manga while in the anime he sits on a chair.
  • The anime omits the scene of Mavis' parents.
  • Zeeself doesn't show Mavis the bill of her parents' debt in the anime.
  • Events prior to Mavis glancing at Blue Skull's invasion differ between the two media:
    • In the manga, Mavis is startled to hear noises in her resting place before rushing to the guild.
    • In the anime, Mavis falls asleep under a tree after delivering Zera's lunch, awakening to hear explosions and seeing signal flares before rushing to the guild.
  • When Yuri awakens from his sleep, he falls into the ocean before getting up to talk to his comrades in the anime. In the manga, however, he gets up and moves toward the land to converse.



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