Возвращение Демона – 230-й эпизод аниме Fairy Tail. Первый показ состоялся 25 Апреля 2015.

As Flare is fighting against the Hunters of the Sylph Labyrinth, along with Lucy and Wendy, Erza finds herself under Minerva's attack. Meanwhile, Natsu is still searching for the familiar voice, all the while Gray ends up encountering Doriate, falling victim to his Magic as well.


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  • In the manga, Sagittarius is already summoned when Lucy thinks of summoning Virgo. In the anime, Lucy runs around to avoid getting shot at, and then summons Sagittarius and hides behind a tree.
  • In the manga, a wounded Sagittarius immediately vanishes after getting shot. In the anime, a wound is not visible, but he gets to say that he lost to marksmanship before disappearing.
  • Before Erza fights Minerva as a child, there is additional dialogue in the anime.
  • The anime expands the following events:
    • Natsu searching for "the voice".
    • Erza facing off against Minerva.
    • Happy and Carla looking for Natsu and then hiding from the cyclops monster.
    • Lucy, Wendy and Flare looking for the Eternal Flame.
  • The anime added scenes suiting Flare's backstory, with a young Flare reaching a town, and then finding Ivan Dreyar. In the manga she just talks about her adventures, while no footage of them is displayed.
  • As Doriate is about to kill Gray and he has a vision of Ultear talking to him, her behind is naked in the manga, while in the anime the figure is dark as to not show any nudity.


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