Закон Регресса – 229-й эпизод аниме Fairy Tail. Первый показ состоялся 18 Апреля 2015.

Поскольку Эрза ищет способ вернуть свою первоначальную форму, к ней приближается никто иной, как Минерва . Тем временем Нацу вскоре встречает Дориата и его Магию, превращая его в ребенка.


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  • Erza rolls off the mountain of ice differently in the anime.
  • Erza's fantasy of her friends' reaction to her reduced age is slightly altered in the anime.
  • Sylph Labyrinth introducing themselves is added in the anime.
    • Wendy's reaction to treasure hunter guilds having their own kind of festival, Lucy congratulating them and Gray's comment are moved in the anime.
  • Rala has additionally helped Hiroshi in attacking Wendy in the anime.
  • Rather than slowly dropping over Happy's head, Happy attempts to catch the liquefied Moon Drip in the anime.
  • Carla is further from Happy, the bottle cracks into a lesser amount of shards and Happy's tail is raised in the anime.
  • The group's expressions when the bottle breaks are different between media.
  • The bottle shards change position and quantity after the group reacts to it in the anime.
  • When Lucy points out she is missing her backpack in the manga, in the anime she still has it on.
  • The angle when the liquefied Moon Drip unfreezes the portion of ice is turned 180 degrees in the anime.
  • Drake arrives on the right side of Rala and Hiroshi instead of the left in the anime.
  • After Natsu had been regressed to the form of a child his bags are behind him in the anime.
  • The sword Erza summons differs between media, in the anime it is a sword from her Heaven's Wheel Armor.
  • A flashback of Erza, Minerva and Kagura's fight during the Grand Magic Games and Minerva's defeat was added in the anime.
  • Erza informing Minerva that she and the members of Sabertooth are worrying about her is anime only.
  • In the anime, Natsu's conversation with Doriate is moved first before Minerva and Erza's conversation, in addition the former's conversation was extended. Both groups' conversation had mixed in between each other.
  • Natsu removes his shoes before fighting Doriate in the anime, while in the manga he did not.
  • Doriate's position when noticing that Natsu has left and when his face is revealed is flipped in the anime.
  • Rala and Hiroshi's attempt to fool Wendy and Lucy is extended in the anime.


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