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"Подождите! Это правда, что Совет недолюбливает Хвост Феи, но нельзя их сравнивать с Зерефом и Гримуаром!"
— Мест Лахару в "Человеческие Врата"

Мест Грайдер — член Хвоста Феи и бывший член Магического Совета[4] в качестве Главы Дивизии Рунных Рыцарей. В X784 он использовал свой Контроль Памяти, обманул членов Хвоста Феи, чтобы проникнуть в гильдию,[6][7] в то время как в действительности он всегда был членом Хвоста Феи, который стер свои собственные воспоминания, чтобы успешно проникнуть в вышеупомянутый Магический Совет,[3] используя псевдоним Доранболт (ドランバルト Doranbaruto).[1][8]


Mest is a lean-built man of average height with short, almost shaved black hair, with a slightly outlined widow’s peak, and complete with mildly long sideburns. He has large, bright emerald turquoise eyes,[9] and thin eyebrows. The left side of his face is covered by three distinctive scars: the shortest one that points diagonally upwards in his left eye’s direction, and "connected" by the longest scar, diagonally in the other way, to the similarly oriented one which goes up to his forehead. Such scars harmlessly cover Mest’s left eyebrow and part of his hair, passing over them. Hanging from Mest’s left ear is a simple earring, with an elongated pendant attached to it.[10]

Seven years after Tenrou Island's seeming disappearance, Mest appears to have gained sharper, more defined facial features, has grown a small goatee below his mouth and slightly longer hair, with some messy strands covering his forehead and others jutting upwards from the top of his head. His left ear still bears the earring.[11]

When acting like a spy within Fairy Tail, Mest’s attire consists of a pinstriped jacket with a high and wide upright collar, alternating red stripes to different series of orange ones, with distinctive loose brown arm warmers covering the sleeves from the cuffs to below the shoulders, each bearing a simple, undulated motif right below the upper edge, simple black pants and white shoes.[12][13]

Mest has also been shown in his Council uniform. This consists of a dark jacket, with light-colored edges and a pair of buttoned bands on each sleeve, worn over a lighter shirt bearing the dark ankh-like symbol typical of the Rune Knights, mildly loose, light pants held up by a simple belt, similarly colored gloves and shoes, and a light cape held in place by a rhomboidal buckle adorned by a gem. During his first appearance after the 7-year time skip, he dons this very same attire.[11][14]

After Tartaros' defeat, Fairy Tail’s guild mark is given back to him by Makarov; it rests on his right shoulder.[3] By X792, Mest has grown his hair out even longer, and the only thing he retains of his old look is the earring in his left ear. He now wears a red high-collared, fur trimmed, form-fitting muscle shirt with leopard print around the collar and clavicle areas. For his lower body, Mest now wears simple dark green jeans with a black stripe going up the side of either pant leg, a simple belt, and black shoes. Around his right bicep is a band, and around both wrists are light-colored wristbands with a dark stripe going through the middle. The mark of Fairy Tail continues to rest on his right shoulder.[15]


Доранболт готов сделать все, чтобы достичь продвижения Магического Совета. Он был даже готов проникнуть в Хвост Феи. Для того, чтобы сохранить лицо, будучи членом Хвоста Фей, он действовал разумно и использовал глупые причуды, чтобы проникнуть туда, например, такие как пожирание снега, чтобы увидеть, каков он на вкус, и вхождение в реку, чтобы узнать, каково это.

Несмотря на его личный интерес, он по-прежнему заботится о других; он дружит с Венди Марвелл, а позже спасает ее от смертельной атаки даже после того как был разоблачён. Он также открыто признал, что гильдии Хвост Феи не такие же, как Зереф или Сердце Гримуара, так как он не поддерживал идею Совета стрельбы на остров Тенрю и стирание всех трех групп из существования. Он пытался телепортировать членов Хвост Феи за пределы острова, но они отказались уходить. После этого, он стал беспокоится за благополучие гильдии и ее членов.

В течение года X791, когда весть о возвращении команды с острова Тенрю достигли Магического Совета, он сказал, что не был заинтересован, хотя он был явно в смятении. Во время Великих Магических игр, Доранболт проявил слезы радости за победы Эрзы в столпотворение, доказывая, что его заботит Хвост Феи, даже несмотря на то, что он никогда не был на самом деле ее членом. В 416 Главе выясняется, что он являлся тайным агентом Хвоста Феи в Магическом Совете и специально стер память себе и остальным членам гильдии, за исключением Макарова, чтоб его легенда была правдоподобнее.


In X783, Mest was summoned by Makarov and tasked with infiltrating the Magic Council to be Fairy Tail’s mole and gather information about the western continent, as the Council destroyed any physical documents that had anything to do with them. After having asked why, Mest is requested to just do it to protect the guild. He then left Fairy Tail and erased his own memories so as to "dive in headfirst",[3][16] using the alias Doranbolt.[8][1] Mest would then have regular meetings with Makarov over the course of the next many months, where he fed him the information about the West that he desired, all the while a lamenting Makarov wished Mest wouldn’t have erased his memories (Mest, however, gave Makarov the means to unlock his memory whenever he desired), but called him skilled nonetheless.[17]

After something close to a year and many meetings with Makarov passed, Mest planned to infiltrate the Fairy Tail Guild using his real name (although he didn’t know it at the time), Mest Gryder, in order to find dirt on them and gain a promotion. His reason for this was he knew that Gran Doma hated Fairy Tail along with the other Council members and he knew of Fairy Tail’s S-Class Mage Promotion Trial was coming up and he wanted to get to their private property to find anything slightly shady to bring to the Council.[4][18]


Остров Тенрю

Ключ Звёздного Неба

Великие Магические Игры

Затмение Звёздных Духов

Note: Events in this arc occur only in the anime and do not constitute canon material.

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Doranbolt arrives with his ship at Lahar's location: a mysterious island that has appeared from the sea a while back. He then teleports to the island to aid the Mages. Upon his arrival, he finds Wendy and Carla collapsed on the ground, much to his shock. After getting them back to the ship, he witnesses as his comrade Lahar falls, obviously infected by the spreading virus. He is the told to command the Council to sink the ship by Lahar, much to his disapproval. Fulfilling what could be his partners' last wish, Doranbolt teleports away from the ship, leaving Lahar and the Rune Knights. Fortunately, the virus is then cured, following the awakening of Kemokemo, who then merges with the island, sinking it to the bottom of the sea.[19]


Империя Арболес

Магия и Способности

Контроль Памяти (記憶操作 Kioku Sōsa): A type of Magic which allows Mest to add his existence to others' memories, making it seem like they have known him for a long time, allowing him to pass unnoticed and easily infiltrate even large groups of people.[20] It seems to be very powerful, as he was able to fool even S-Class Mages such as Erza and Mirajane[21] as well as Brandish μ, one of the immensely powerful Spriggan 12.[22] He also has the ability to erase memories and replace them with fake ones. His skill in it’s usage is exceptional, earning a compliment from Former Wizard Saint, Jellal Fernandes, when he learned that Mest had erased the memories of everyone involved in the Dragon Attack, including the Magic Council, so they were unaware of the event as well as the Royal Family’s usage of Dark Magic from the Books of Zeref.[23] In addition, he also modified the memories of everyone in Fairy Tail who knew about Lumen Histoire, as well as being capable of modifying his own to make the task of infiltrating the Magic Council less difficult.[24] An additional skill associated with this Magic is that the user may at any given point relay and subsequently replay their own memories to whomever they desire.[25]

Direct Line

Магия Телепортации (瞬間移動の魔法 Shunkanidō no Mahō): Mest has shown skill with this versatile type of Spatial Magic, which allows him to cover very large distances in the blink of an eye. It makes for an extremely fast and effective means of transportation, and can also be used in combat, when the situation requires for fast actions: through this Magic’s use, Mest was able to push Wendy away from a spot that a split second later would have been filled with explosions[26] and save both Carla and Wendy from a self-destructing Face at the last second.[27] He is later shown able to teleport multiple individuals without physical contact nor being present around their viscinity.[28]

  • Прямая Линия (瞬間移動(ダイレクトライ) Dairekuto Rain): Mest teleports to any location in a direct line. It was used to teleport in front of Wendy and save her from Azuma’s attack.[26] His teleportation is not only limited to himself as he is able to carry others with him while teleporting.

Master Sensor: Mest was able to detect Zeref’s presence on Tenrou Island without even being near him.[29] He could also detect Azuma’s presence, even though the man had concealed himself by merging with a tree.[30] In addition, he was able to pick up faint signs of life in the various victims targeted by the Reborn Oración Seis that were thought to be corpses by Lahar.[31]

Эксперт Рукопашного Боя: Mest is skilled in the use of hand-to-hand combat. He employs it in conjunction with his Teleportation Magic to catch his opponents off guard; this combination was effective enough for him to keep up with two melee specialists, the caliber of Gray and Loke at close range.[32]

Immense Reflexes: Mest possess extremely sharp reflexes. Despite under the influences of Racer's Slowing Magic and not in prime physical form, he was able to see his movements and even react quickly enough to save Katja and evade him for a limited amount of time.[31]

Master Infiltrator: Mest seems to be extremely talented in infiltration and gathering intelligence, being his specialty with the combined usage of his Memory Control within the Magic Council[33] as an Intelligence Officer.[5] His skills in infiltration combined with the usage of Memory Control has let him even modify the Mages of Fairy Tail Guild’s memories and sneak in using an alias.[20] In addition, he was even able to infiltrate the Magic Council under Makarov Dreyar's instruction and was willing to modify his own memories to make the task easier.[24]

Появления в Других СМИ


Хвост Феи: Пробуждение Зерефа

Доранболт появляется как игровой персонаж в PSP игре, Хвост Феи: Пробуждение Зерефа, после того, как будет открыт.[34]

Интересные Факты


  • (Венди Марвелл) "Я хочу узнать, каков снег на вкус."[36]
  • (Лахару) "П-Подожди! Верно, Совет не очень добр к Хвосту Феи, но не нужно их сравнивать с Зерефом и Гримуаром!"[5]
  • (Лахару) "Не сдавайся. Пока мы делаем все, что мы можем…"[37]

Битвы и События

Битвы События


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