Магия Костяного Убийцы ДраконовМагия Заклинателя, Потерянная Магия и вид магии Убийц Драконов, который использует пепел.


Bone Dragon Slayer Magic is a form of Dragon Slayer Magic that allows its user to generate, manipulate, and presumably consume (like other forms of Dragon Slayer Magic) the element in question, which in this case is ashes; the Lost Magic itself bases its source off of Ash Magic (灰の魔法 Hai no Mahō).[1] This Magic has the ability to teleport people, who have been previously pinpointed beforehand by the Magic, from place to place. When in use to others it dissolves the body of the targeted into ashes only to have them re-appear where the original caster resides.[2]. It also has the ability to bind their targets and turn water[3] and fire[4] into ashes. This Magic gives its user the ability turn their body into ash, as well as allowing any matter to be turned into ash.[1]


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