Голая Мумия — маленькая Тёмная Гильдия, в которой все члены похожи на обезьян и специализируются в Магии Оружия.[1][2]


The exact location of the Naked Mummy Guild is unknown. However, the headquarters is located in a ruined town, surrounded by various stone houses, steps and archways that are all clearly damaged, and apparently still deteriorating. The structure of this now-rotting town's buildings is quite simple and flat.[3]

The main headquarters of the guild appears to be an ordinary building, though compared to others in the building, is rather well-maintained. It is double-storied, having windows on the top and bottom floor, as well as an entrance at the front. Inside, the furniture consists of things such as a pool table, wooden crates and barrels; the crates are used as chairs.[3]


The guild is first mentioned when one of the members, Zatô, encounters Fairy Tail S-Class Mage Laxus Dreyar. The two briefly fight, but Laxus is ultimately victorious, though angered about the derogatory remarks he heard about his guild.[4] Later, members of the guild head to Acalypha Town to rob the LOVE & LUCKY guild, which they fail to do as Lucy Heartfilia arrived in time to defeat them all and stop their plan. The members receive a harsh beating by most of the other members and the guild begins to complain about how they can't pay tribute to the Oración Seis Guild that month.[5]

The guild appears again when Oración Seis is fighting against the Allied Forces. The members encounter Natsu Dragneel, Gray Fullbuster and Carla; being enemies with specific goals, they all prepare to fight one another. Naked Mummy is quickly taken out by the two Fairy Tail Mages. The Allied Forces tries to extract information from Zatô and Gatô, albeit unsuccessfully.[6][7][8]


Имя Ранг Команда Статус
Маг Голой МумииМагНетАктивный

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