Вилл Невилл — бывший кардинал Церкви Горичка и автор мистической книги Ключ Звездного Неба.


Will Neville's coffin

Гроб Вилла Невилла

Вилл Невилл был одним из кардиналов Зентопии. Он много достиг  и был признан великим исследователем. However, after some time, he vanished without a trace. According to Lucy Heartfilia, his comeback work was a book titled Key of the Starry Heavens. After leaving the church, Will took many disciples under his wing and taught them all how to use Celestial Spirit Magic. He cast Organic Link Magic on both himself and his disciples so as to prevent the reawakening of the Infinity Clock.[1]

Магия и СпособностиПравить

Магия Звёздных Духов: Will Neville practiced this particular form of Spatial Magic, which summons Celestial Spirits from the another world via keys.[2] He was noted to have formed contracts with multiple spirits.

Магия Печати Связи: Will Neville was capable of using this Magic and used it in an attempt to prevent the Infinity Clock from being restored and misused. The links he made to both himself and his disciples lasted long after his death.[3]


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