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This template has to be use in parallel with toggling functions. It will only create the element that will be hidden/shown by the function

  • Parameter 1 : Default content
  • Parameter 2 : Replacement content (optional)
  • Parameter 3 : Toggle class name

Ex : To replace a text with another by clicking on a link

{{Toggle|xxx text |yyyy text|toto}} 
<span class="_toggler-toto">change text</span>
xxx text

change text

When the second parameter is empty, it allows to make the text from parameter 1 disappear

{{Toggle|xxx text ||tata}} 
<span class="_toggler-tata">hide text</span>
xxx text

hide text

To change the content by using different link

{{Toggle|var1 xxx||var1}} <!-- var1 text will be displayed at start since it is the first parameter -->
{{Toggle||var2 zzz|var2}} <!-- var2 text will be hidden at start since it is the second parameter -->
<span class="_toggler_hide-var1 _toggler_show-var2">link to var2</span>
<span class="_toggler_hide-var2 _toggler_show-var1">link to var1</span>
var1 xxx

link to var2 | link to var1