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Chapter 62

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Episode 27

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Sagittarius, "The Archer" (サジタリウス Sajitariusu) is a Celestial Spirit that is one of the 12 Golden Zodiac Keys. His key is currently owned by Lucy Heartfilia.


Fail:Lucy correcting Gray about what Sagittarius might look like.jpg

Sagittarius, despite how people usually view him, is a tall, black-haired, lanky man wearing a horse costume. He has rustic, almost medieval style clothing. He carries a giant bow and has a giant quiver on his back.


Sagittarius is very formal and respectful to his owner. He carries out his orders quickly, and always tries to do what is in his capabilities. He also seems to take all of his requests literally, leading him to misinterpret certain orders such as Lucy's request to create fire (initially believing it to be a request to make fire from nothing rather than set something aflame).[1] He has a habit of uttering the phrase "moshi moshi", which literally means "hello" in Japanese.


Galuna Island arcSunting

Sagittarius's Gate key is offered by the people of Galuna Island along with a 7 million Jewel reward for anyone who would be able to lift the curse caused by Team Lyon's Moon Drip ceremony. Team Natsu of Fairy Tail completes this job, but they are forced to turn down the Jewel reward since they had no official permission from their guild's master or S-Class Mages to take this job. At Lucy's insistence, the team accepts Sagittarius's Gate key as a gift of appreciation from the islanders.[2]

Phantom Lord arcSunting

Fail:Sagittarius's attack.jpg

While being kidnapped by Phantom Lord, Lucy accidentally drops all of her keys except Sagittarius'. He is summoned by Lucy for the first time in a desperate effort to create fire for Natsu to eat and help him fight Gajeel. Sagittarius says he cannot do it,[3] misinterpreting Lucy's order as a request to make fire himself. Upon hearing Happy bemoan the lack of fire in general, Sagittarius realizes that they only wish to set something on fire, which he does by shooting at a set of machinery with his arrows and causing a fiery explosion, thus allowing Natsu to regain his energy and defeat Gajeel.[4]

Fighting Festival arcSunting

Fail:Beaten sag.jpg

Lucy summons Sagittarius during her fight against Bickslow to shoot down all of Bickslow's dolls. He accomplishes the order, but fails to destroy the souls implanted inside the dolls. Bickslow is thus able to create more dolls, which attack and defeat Sagittarius.[5]

Oración Seis arcSunting

Sagittarius is one of the spirits Lucy summons to fight the Naked Mummy guild, who have taken the Love & Lucky guild hostage.[6]

He is summoned again when Lucy sees Gray trying to kill Natsu. "Gray" is revealed to be Gemini in disguise and transforms into Lucy, taking advantage of Hibiki's weakness for women by flashing their breasts, shocking Hibiki and Sagittarius. While disguised as Lucy, Gemini commands Sagittarius to shoot Hibiki in the back with his arrows, which he does against his will. Lucy forces his gate closed, but Gemini summons him to their side using a copy of his key, leaving Lucy unable to control him. Gemini orders the unwilling Sagittarius to shoot down Carla as she escapes with Wendy Marvell, but Gemini's owner Angel appears and commands them to stop. Gemini reverts to their true form, closing Sagittarius's gate.[7]

Daphne arcSunting

Note: Events in this arc occur only in the anime and do not constitute canon material.

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Lucy summons Sagittarius and has Erza, Bisca, Alzack, Levy, Macao, and Reedus cast fire magic on Sagittarius's arrow, which he fires towards Natsu for him to eat and help him fight Daphne.[8]

Tenrou Island arcSunting

Fail:Sagittarius saves Lucy.jpg

Sagittarius is summoned by Lucy to fight off Kain Hikaru while he chases her on Tenrou Island. He fires arrows at Kain's legs, but Kain kicks them back at him and defeats him.[9] He is later summoned when Lucy and the rest of Fairy Tail are fighting against Acnologia. He uses his arrows and combines it with the attacks of the rest of the members, forming a powerful attack that was able to momentarily keep Acnologia at bay.[10]

Key of the Starry Sky arcSunting

Note: Events in this arc occur only in the anime and do not constitute canon material.

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Fail:Tiny Sagittarius tries to help Lucy.png

Sagittarius is summoned by Lucy to fight against Dan Straight. However, because of Lucy's current shrunken state, Sagittarius has also been reduced to size. He nonetheless continues to shoot his arrows though they quickly end up being used as toothpicks for Dan. Shortly afterwards, Happy accidentally steps on Sagittarius and he is sent back home.[11]

Grand Magic Games arcSunting

Sagittarius celebrates Lucy and her friend's return from Tenrou Island when Virgo brings them to the Celestial Spirit World. After the celebration, Sagittarius sees Lucy and her friends off with the rest of Lucy's Celestial Spirits.[12]

Sagittarius is summoned again by both Lucy and Yukino Aguria, along with the other 11 Golden Keys, in order for them to combine their powers and seal the Eclipse Gate. Thus, Sagittarius and the other Spirits fly towards the gate and push it, closing it once again.[13]

Sun Village ArcSunting

Fail:Sagittarius summoned against the sniper.png

During Fairy Tail's mission at Sun Village, Sagittarius is summoned by Lucy to counter Drake, the sniper of the Sylph Labyrinth Treasure Hunters. Having already located the position of the hidden sniper, Sagittarius proceeds to shoot an arrow at him. However, at the same time, Drake fires one of his own bullets, causing the arrow to collide with the projectile and destroy one another, much to the dismay of Sagittarius.[14] However, as Drake attempts to fire another bullet, Lucy calls out to Sagittarius, who counters against the impending threat with one of his arrows, with Sagittarius affirming his prowess in archery.[15]

Magic and AbilitiesSunting

Fail:Sagittarius archery skills.jpg

Master Archer: Sagittarius, living up to the theme of his constellation, employs bow and arrows in battle, with his skills as a Celestial Spirit lying in their use.[3] He has proven himself to be an extremely proficient archer: he was shown capable of easily destroying Bickslow's dolls, small objects which maneuver at high speed in mid air, with his arrows, demonstrating both pinpoint accuracy and great speed;[16] such traits were further proven when the Celestial Spirit blocked one of Drake's bullets with a projectile of him, reciprocating the same action which the Sylph Labyrinth sniper had done previously, and leaving him amazed.[17] He is able to nock and shoot more than one arrow at the same time, firing a barrage of them at Kain Hikaru.[18] He also seems to be very resourceful with his archery, as shown when he was able to create fire by shooting electrical equipment so that Natsu Dragneel could replenish his strength; a feat which he claimed to be "mere child's play" for his arrows.[19]

Enhanced Reflexes: Sagittarius can aim his bow down and fire his projectiles at incredible speed, managing to block a bullet from Drake by intercepting it in midair with one of his arrows; a noteworthy feat, considering how, aside from reacting and aiming at the incoming threat, he had to pull his weapon's string in a split second to achieve this.[17]

Immortality: As a Celestial Spirit, Sagittarius cannot die,[20] unless he is somehow forced to stay in the Human World for too long without returning to the Celestial Spirit World, something which would slowly deplete his life force, eventually resulting in his death.[21]


Bow and Arrows: As evident of his role as an archer, Sagittarius is always shown carrying around a bow and a quiver full of arrows. The bow is quite small if compared to its tall owner, and, strangely enough, seems to be composed of metal. Connected to the central part, the handle, which is covered in leather strips, are the two limbs, which grow larger near their center, and then grow smaller again near the edges, to which the string is tied. Such bow is used to fire the large arrows resting in the massive, cylindrical quiver attached to Sagittarius' back via a large buckled belt, passing over his right shoulder and crossing his chest diagonally. These arrows possess massive, light fletchings and simple metal heads.[22] While shown wielding the bow with his right hand when first summoned by Lucy,[3] Sagittarius always adopts the standard stance of a right-handed archer, wielding the bow with his left hand and aiming the arrow with the right one.[23]

Appearances in Other MediaSunting


Fairy Academy - Yankee-kun and Yankee-chan!Sunting

Fail:Sagittarius the teacher practicing.JPG
Sagittarius appears as a teacher in Fairy Academy while training for an archery competition. He is talked about as the pride of the academy who has won many awards for archery. Sagittarius and other Celestial Spirits make up the school staff.[24]


Fail:Sagitarius in natsu's immagination.jpg
  • In the English version, Sagittarius's greeting,"Hello, Hello", is retained in its Japanese form, "Moshi, Moshi".[25]
  • When Natsu thinks about Sagittarius' appearance, the flower creature resembles Nakajima from Mashima's last work Rave Master.[26]
  • Lucy, Gray, and Natsu all were partially right about Sagittarius' appearance/personality. Gray got the overall form correct, Lucy correctly predicted his main weapon; a bow, and Natsu envisioned him saluting (Despite the fact that the rest of Natsu's version wasn't even close).[26]

Battles & EventsSunting


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