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The Thunder God Tribe (雷神衆 Raijinshū) is one of the strongest teams in Fairy Tail Guild.

Creation of the TeamSunting

The Thunder God Tribe was created by Laxus with its members being his "bodyguards". They worked for Laxus and they are led by Freed who is the self-proclaimed captain. They were originally reclusive people who didn't socialize or think much of their fellow guild members, but following Laxus' excommunication, they started to open up more.



Defeat the Ghoul Spirit GuildSunting

They single-handedly destroyed the Dark Guild, Ghoul Spirit before heading back to Magnolia to arrange the Fighting Festival.

Prepare the Fighting FestivalSunting

On Laxus' orders, Freed, Bickslow and Evergreen prepared and took part in the Fighting Festival where they defeated most of the other guild members until they were defeated by Mirajane, Lucy and Erza, respectively.



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