Templat:Fairy Tail Wiki:Character Template (Dark Guild) Klodoa (クロドア Kurodoa) is a Magical staff able to speak human language and levitate formerly used by Brain, referred to as the seventh member of the Oración Seis, but just as Brain's staff.[1] Seven years later, Klodoa reappears wearing a Magical bear costume and calling himself Jackpot, a member of the Reborn Oración Seis.[2]


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Klodoa resembles a dark, wooden staff with a handle-like formation at the back. The staff has bandage-like wrappings near the top half. At the tip of the staff is a white skull, adorned by a headpiece reminiscent of those worn by Native American chiefs. The headpiece is composed of a bluish cloth with yellow markings over it, creating a jagged formation, stones aligned over the top of the cloth, red feather-like objects hanging down beside Klodoa's skull, and lastly a multitude of green leaves also similar to feathers. At the back of his skull are two yellow strings with blue rings attached to the ends. In addition, Klodoa often holds a turquoise round stone in his mouth.


When disguised as Jackpot, he looks like a mechanical bear; he has a large pink head, with a zipper running across his chin to the lower part of his mouth. Jackpot’s arms have a metallic color with stripes and his hands in blue gloves. His upper body is blue, which consists of a slot machine with a golden lever. Jackpot’s lower body is green and is separated from the upper by a jagged violet line running through his body. Behind him are blue lights attached by a large yellow ring.


Klodoa's personality is befitting of that of the members of Oracion Seis; arrogant, confident and overall sadistic. However, unlike the other members, Klodoa's character has a bit of a comical tone to it, often showing stunned expressions and easily losing his composure.


Oración Seis arcSunting

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Klodoa is revealed to be animate just before Midnight's defeat to Erza Scarlet. He appears in front of Gray Fullbuster, Natsu Dragneel, Lucy Heartfilia and Happy, deriding Brain's inability to take down more than one of the alliance members, Jura Neekis. Just as he comments that he'll have to deal with them himself, Natsu grabs hold of him and starts waving around him, demanding that he stop Nirvana.[3] Klodoa eventually frees himself from Natsu's grasp, and then tells them of their plan to destroy Cait Shelter as they hold the power to seal Nirvana once more.[4]


Just after Midnight's defeat, he begins whacking Natsu and Gray but peeps at Lucy before whacking her as well. With Midnight's defeat, and the six prayers now vanished, he yells out that a new personality of Brain will appear since all the Oración Seis members have been defeated and thus all the keys unlocked due to the nature of Organic Link Magic. A personality called "Zero", one who loves to destroy, enters and orders Klodoa to retreat before easily dealing with Natsu, Gray and Lucy.[5]

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Nirvana finally arrives at Cait Shelter's guild where Klodoa states to Zero that destroying Cait Shelter will make sure Nirvana can never be resealed. Zero however says that is "meaningless", promptly snapping and crushing Klodoa, and ordering Nirvana to fire.[6]

Key of the Starry Sky arcSunting

Note: Events in this arc occur only in the anime and do not constitute canon material.

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Jackpot chants a sentence whilst surrounded by the fire and remains of a church he has destroyed. Later, he watches Lahar as he investigates the crime.[7]

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Jackpot later pays a late night visit to a church, where he confronts a Celestial Spirit Mage who is praying inside. The members of the Rune Knights and Lahar, who have been standing outside monitoring the church, hear the cries of the man and run to aid him, but Jackpot casts his Magic and sends down a huge bolt of lightning that blows the church and the men away. When the Rune Knights stand and move to confront the unusual enemy, Jackpot introduces himself and laughs at them. He jerks the pulley on the side of his body and scores three straight bathtubs on the slot machine embedded in his chest, causing the items to appear and slam the Rune Knights on the head, making them collapse. He tries to do this again and gets three lightning bolts, however when they strike they hit him instead, confusing Lahar. Laughing at himself, Jackpot tries his lever one more time and pulls up three slots with an image of the sun, causing him to become engulfed in flames and vanish, confusing Lahar and his men further with his unpredictable actions.[8]

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When the Infinity Clock is assembled, the new Oración Seis are warped into the area in front of the Fairy Tail Members and the Legion Corps. Jackpot appears with Angel, Cobra, Midnight, Erigor and Racer.[9]

Jackpot, along with the other members of Reborn Oración Seis, appears and looks down on Fairy Tail. Jackpot excitingly explains that they are truly the "Reborn Oración Seis". After Dan's Magic fails to reflect an attack made on him by Midnight, Jackpot briefly explains the reason why it didn't work, his reason being that Dan, Byro and Natsu are fighting Brain II. He also makes a brief explanation of Erigor, who tells him that he's called Grim Reaper now. He watches as Fairy Tail, Michelle and Lyon get beaten up by Cobra, Racer and Angel.[2]

At the Zentopia Cathedral he and the rest of Reborn Oracion Seis discuss the destruction of the Celestial Spirit Mages of Will Neville. He later appears on a cliff facing Fairy Tail.[10]

Jackpot proceeds to attack Natsu, Lucy and Elfman; Natsu and Elfman proceed to attack him, but fail. After Lucy summons Cancer, he uses his Magic to cover them in a brown substance, which Cancer tries to cut. Later rain occurs, Lucy uses this opportunity to summon Aquarius and orders her to attack Jackpot. He uses his Magic to deflect her attack back at them. Lucy then summons Loke, but he fails to do any better.[11] He then remembers that he is supposed to destroy the nearby church, and proceeds to attack it. He uses the Anti-link on the Celestial Spirit Mage housed there. He then resumes his fight with Natsu as Laki and Gildarts wonder who the Michele with Lucy really is.[12]


During the battle between Fairy Tail and Reborn Oración Seis, Jackpot is defeated by Natsu and Byro. Jackpot opens the zipper running through his chin, revealing that he is actually Klodoa.[13]

Later, Klodoa brags about Brain II and Imitatia's power and deception in front of Lucy, who has been hung on a huge mechanical device. After Brain II finishes explaining, Imatatia and Lucy start arguing and Klodoa interrupts to put his plan into action.[14]

Some time after, Klodoa along with Brain II, Cobra and Angel finds out that Racer has been defeated. Brain II commands Cobra and Angel to stop Fairy Tail since Racer could not, with Klodoa staying behind.[15]

After Angel and Cobra are gone, Klodoa, along with Brain II and Imitatia, speaks with Lucy, explaining their plan to use her as a sacrifice. He, along with Brain II, then moves to stop Fairy Tail, but is confronted by Gajeel while the others move forward. They start their battle with Gajeel unable to land a hit on them, and as a result Gajeel is quickly defeated and thrown out of the Infinity Clock by Brain II.[16]

Later, he appears with Brain II and they inform that Lucy will soon be completely absorbed by the Infinity Clock.[17]

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Brain II sends Klodoa to battle Elfman and Romeo whilst he handles Natsu alone. He is held down by Elfman and Romeo, watching as Brain II uses Genesis Zero on Natsu. Later, when Brain II is defeated, Klodoa flees for his own life. After The Reborn Oración Seis is defeated, he decides to recruit new members and become Brain III but is stopped by the girl of the book "Key of the Starry Heavens" and is to "sleep" together with her for centuries.[18]

Magic and AbilitiesSunting


Darkness Magic (闇の魔法 Yami no Mahō): Klodoa has proven himself masterful in dark spells, being always used by Brain as a focus to cast this kind of magic. He cannot use Dark Rondo without Brain.

Lightning Magic (雷系各種魔法 Kaminari Kei Kakushu Mahō): In the anime, despite having been shown employing it only once, Klodoa shows some skills with Lightning Magic using it to attack Natsu and Gray.[19]

  • Evil Shock: An unnamed spell in which Klodoa charges the lacrima in its mouth with electricity and then attacks the target with lightning.

Shape shifting: Klodoa seems to be able to shift into a gun-like form where it can attack enemies. This was only briefly seen when Brain "shot" Cobra from behind.[20]

Expert Hand to Hand Combatant: Klodoa demonstrated considerable physical combat skills, being able to fight and overwhelm Natsu and Gray at the same time, and remain uninjured.[21]

Slot Magic: Klodoa as Jackpot is able to produce different kinds of attacks based on the images that will appear on him.[8]

  • Washtubs: When three reels are matched with the symbol of washtubs, Jackpot is able to summon washtubs which hit the opponents from above.[8] (Unnamed)
  • Lightning Bonus: Whenever lightning symbols match, lightning appears and strike the opponents within its range, being it the enemy or Jackpot himself.[8]
  • Oni Flash: Images of a sun and a blast matches, it surrounds its target with a burning glow thus blinding opponents for a given time.[8]
  • Return: Whenever images of a curved arrow appear, Jackpot is able to reflect any attack back to the attacker.[11] (Unnamed)
  • Magic Crunchy-kun: When images of three ice-creams appear, it summons ice cream in order to protect Jackpot from fire and creates fog to blind its targets.[11]
  • Shaggy Pool: When three images of brown wool appear, Jackpot is able to summon enough wool to trap at least 5 occupants.[11] (Unnamed)
  • Steel Wall: When images of three steel plates appear, Jackpot summons steel plates that traps an enemy.[11]
  • Punch: When images of three boxing gloves, Jackpot summons mechanical hands to attack his opponents.[13]
  • Bombdrop Bonus: When images of three bombs are matched, Jackpot can summons bombs from above and fall to attack his opponents.[13]

Manga to Anime DifferencesSunting

In the Manga Klodoa peeks under Lucy's skirt at one point.[22] This was rewritten for the Anime. Instead Klodoa stares intently at Lucy, causing her to comment on how it's "troublesome to be cute", after which Klodoa expresses his disappointment about her only being a child.[23]

Battles & EventsSunting


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