Fairy Heart è il duecentonovantesimo episodio dell'anime di Fairy Tail e il tredicesimo della terza stagione.



Eventi e Battaglia

  • Nulla

Tecniche utilizzate

Magic used

Spells used

  • None

Abilities used

  • Shapeshifting

Armors used

Differenze tra Manga e Anime

  • The following parts occur only in the anime:
    • Flashbacks of Mavis's meeting with Yuri, Precht, and Warrod on Tenrou Island.
    • Several anonymous members reacting to Zeref's immortality.
    • Flashbacks of Team Natsu's encounters with Ajeel and Brandish as they are described.
    • Yajeel reacting to Ajeel's eagerness in destroying Ishgar.
  • Precht is not directly shown researching ways to revive Mavis, and does not wear a lab coat.
  • The scene showing Fairy Tail's reaction to Mavis's "death" is removed.
  • Precht's comment about Fairy Heart challenging the laws of Magic is replaced with Mavis stating that it will shake the Magic World.
  • Gajeel takes Elfman's place in trying to get Natsu to talk about his "secret weapon".
  • Mest does not gnaw on Gajeel's head while desiring to know Natsu's "secret weapon".
  • Laxus reacts to Erza's comment about Dimaria not being a Mage instead of Cana.
  • Lucy, Panther Lily, and Gajeel comment on God Serena's betrayal instead of Levy, Evergreen, and Elfman, respectively.
  • An image of August's Battle Form is shown while Makarov describes him.
  • The silhouettes of Bloodman and Neinhart are more fleshed out in the anime compared to the manga.
  • Acnologia's transformation into a Dragon is expanded slightly, showing a silhouette of his face changing shape, and his wings, tail, and remaining forearm growing.
  • The black matter emitting from Acnologia's arm is omitted in the anime.