La terra abbandonata dagli dei è il duecentottantottesimo episodio dell'anime di Fairy Tail e l'undicesimo della terza stagione.



Eventi e Battaglia

Tecniche utilizzate

Magic used





  • Spada
  • Arco e frecce
  • Bastone


Differenze tra Manga e Anime

  • Some lines were omitted such as Sorano's words to Mest, Ichiya's dialogue about Fairy Tail, etc.
  • In the manga, it is Levy who takes to the loudspeaker to have Team Natsu to get aboard and mentions everything is back to normal. In the anime, the lines are given to Cana and Gajeel respectively.
  • In the manga Laki and others discuss the master's hierarchy while in the anime background Fairy Tail members speak on it.
  • Lucy's drink that Cana gives her in the anime is an ice cream float, while in the manga it's a regular drink.
  • Lucy waves her hands from the alcoholic beverage intake in the manga, while in the anime she doesn't.
  • Flashbacks during Natsu's speech from Tartaros arc are added in this episode.