Imperatore Spriggan è il duecentottantasettesimo episodio dell'anime di Fairy Tail e il decimo della terza stagione.



Eventi e Battaglia

Tecniche utilizzate




  • Volo


Differenze tra Manga e Anime

  • The following parts occur only in the anime:
    • Angel mentioning the Infinity Clock event to Team Natsu.
    • Mest filling in Team Natsu on the aftermath of former Oracion Seis members who all joined Crime Sorcière.
  • Certain scenes from Team B's hot springs detour were off-paneled or omitted such as Evergreen and Jenny trading barbs at one another.
  • Juvia's imagination of Laxus in Blue Pegasus doesn't include them speaking.
  • Silhouettes of the Spriggan 12 and Brandish's following disappearance were both omitted.
  • Erza addresses Erik by his real name in conversation with Mest in the manga while in the anime she addresses him as Cobra.
  • Angel backing off from Erza's request wasn't shown.