Wicked gods

aka DracoSmash

  • I live in The Sky Palace
  • I was born on September 1
  • My occupation is WebDesigner
  • I am Demon Male
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Wicked gods



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Wicked Gods


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September 1

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Spirit King


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Kagura Mikazuchi Natsu Dragneel

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Heavenly Body Magic Wind Magic Ice Magic


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May 31, 2012



I not any part of any guild or nothing but i would like to join 1 i am still learning some of the tools here and trying to make the best on my screen so yeah. oh i love being called Demon King. mwhahaha. this gonna be fun when i learn how to create a me new screen for my profile more to come

About Me

I am a Boy who have a Hard time solving Sudoku and I like to Draw Chibi and do Crafting also I do swimming. I am Always cool and Calm. Also I like Anime any anime you give me i can say it right out. I like to Hang out and tease a little i like Game Music like Sonic and Legend of Zelda and pokemon. I am a High School Student a Senior Who gonna Graduate and go to Full Sail University. Also i do Martial Arts Training. I love to make new friends. Also I do Sports and Drawing Activity i join Anime Club at my School. Also my name is Ben but call me Jaden since people confuse me with a Jaden more then a Ben.My favorite weapons are Flaming Swords, Wind Power mainly and a Staff.

My Affinity

This all i Know about my Affinity, I am A Wind User Mainly. But that cool even though i wish i have 2 Affinity.

My Favorite Anime

1 Pokemon 2 Full Metal 3 Naruto 4 Bleach 5 Deadman Wonderland 6 Chobits 7 Kaze No Stigma 8 Fairy Tale Basically I just watch Any Anime

Things I Like To Do

I Love hanging out with my friends Laughing and playing around. I Love Crafting i on my way to become a Martial ArtistI Love playing Games and going outside Also i am a very Nice guy as well I am Pretty sure i can help you all

I Love being motivated and nothing better to do but draw. My favorite anime

Born and Have

I have white Hair born with ascent and have blue eyes. guess i was born this way. also i join this wiki cause i like Fairy Tale and hopefully we make you feel safe here. Let have some fun editing and be friend even though i don't have much. Have 4 different Ascent from the Distance of my brotherhood but i have amazing ways of doing things. and helping people solve there prob. and hopefully i make a good contribution on this wikia. I am plan on getting spiky white Hair. Well i have white hair just need the spike.

If you wanna talk Hit Me up.--Wicked gods (talk) 08:58, July 21, 2012 (UTC) Wicked gods

My Favorite Links

Also Here my favorite opening for anime top 7

1. link title

2. link title title

4. link title

5. link title

6. link title

7. link title

well these are my favorite opening on the anime list. but there a lot more that i like. i know every anime there is. Also i gonna be a Game designer and be creative --Wicked gods (talk) 09:05, July 21, 2012 (UTC)Wicked gods

I gonna keep on watching Anime as well.

Also if you like anime you can go here link title

And i Plan on doing link title Ninjutsu i plan on going to a dojo training area doing ninjutsu seem fun but deadly

Top Character Are

Natsu Dragneel


What I Do

Well For Me I love Anime and other awesome thing. but most of the time i spend my time watching Anime and i am Makeing me A Manga about Demon/Angel it very intresting since some of the idea i put into it has Magic Reaper, Ghoul and other stuff also i put an idea to added a cute little bird it a demon bird. whoops i am spoiling it. but my intrest are watching anime and doing a little creative time so don't judge me okay. I plann on going to Full sail.

Let Be Creative

Hello this is --Wicked gods (talk) 10:08, July 28, 2012 (UTC)Wicked gods. I wanna be creative with you all. I Love To Draw Anime and love talking about them. I wanna become your closes friends if anybody have any good Idea let me know. we can talk or work something out. Also We can share creativity toward each others. Hahah I looking forward working with you all. (smile) --Wicked gods (talk) 10:08, July 28, 2012 (UTC)Wicked gods
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