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  • Vivo en Alentours de Grenoble, Isère, France
  • Nací el 7 de diciembre
  • Mi ocupación es étudiant en ingénierie informatique
  • Soy ou je ne suis pas, telle est la question.
  • Biogr Romain, 21 ans.
    Admin sur Fairy Tail Wiki (fr) principalement et membre de Vanguard !
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  • Salut!

    Je suis BlackQuimera08, administrateur et bureaucrate du Fairy Tail Wiki espagnol.

    And that's all the french that I can speak right now, I mean, I had to search like 4 of those words just to write that sentence, I just have a 10% fluency according to Duolingo (I know, not the best place, but is better than nothing).

    So, I just saw that you did this Let me tell that I'm not mad at all, or anything like that. I just wanted to tell you that, if you want help with the interwikis, we can work on that together, you don't need to do it all by yourself, there are a lot of pages that need them.

    If you need help with that, we can work on it as a community, not all by ourselves (if i'm not wrong, we can use a bot to make it easier, so in that way there is no reason to make it manually).

    Is nice to see that not only myself gets worried about the interwikis between comunities about the same topic on different languages.

    À revoir!

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    • Hi!

      I'm good, thank you for asking.

      Let me say that I'm deeply sorry for not giving you an answer earlier. The thing is that I completely forgot this topic, the university happens to not let me use the computer until weekends, so I forget to ask someone 'bout this topic.

      I'll try to remind this so I can ask someone about it.

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    • Don't worry, I undestand perfectly that University can be be very tough :)

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  • Hola, ¡Bienvenido o Bienvenida a Fairy Tail Wiki! Muchas gracias por tu edición en Usuario:Fujimaru-kun.

    Si tienes alguna duda, no seas tímido, deja un mensaje a cualquiera del equipo de Administradores, por si podemos ayudarte con cualquier cosa.

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