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If you can kill zeref would you kill him

  • oh. yes
  • hell no
  • i can't decided
  • i leave it for natsu
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Fairytail is always number 1 don't you agree.Don't mes with their fans

I love the bonds they share this is new and last season fairy tail only reminder but I hope Hiromashima will add a new season.
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If you were to form your own guild,what would its name be and what would it specialize in?

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Why the Final season of Fairytail 😣😭


Fairy Tail! Final Season! Episode 7!
Fairy Tail! Final Season! Episode 7! YouTube
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Fairy Tail symbol

We are Fairy Tail and we will become Wizards just like the people in Fairy Tail if you are reading this comment down below and express your feelings for what you want to be and what powers do you want because you are a Fairy Tail wizard tell me what powers you want I might like your photos so please fight for what is right and tell me in the comments what power you want to have

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Best girl...

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Very strange

can anyone help me out and tell me why ?

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Natsu lost his scarf and he's really lost (spacing out) today

Natsu (like Levi) is so insanely hot without his scarf<<<<<<< you kidding? His scarf makes him cute! And look bad ass!

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Natsu makes you face palm so hard sometimes

But he’s also me most if the time

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What is your favourite erza's armor

  • heart kruez
  • heaven wheel
  • lightning empress
  • fire empress
  • black wing
  • clear heart clothing
  • robe of yuen
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Question on FT: Century Quest

Will Fairy Tail 100 Year Quest be animated?
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Manipulation and Lucy theory

So I think the most recent chapter all but confirms a theory I had on Touka is that she has the ability to manipulate people. I based that on how Jellal had stated early that people shouldn't interact with her. Under normal circumstances I think Laxus would have heard Jellal out but Touka has been at Fairy Tail long enough that she has most of them wrapped around her finger enough that they defend her without a seconds thought.

This leads into my next theory which I will say now is flimsy at best. That Natsu isn't the only one in her crosshairs but Lucy is as well. This theory popped into my head a couple chapters back when it was shown that Touka was living in the same apartment as Lucy. Then I notice that she has her guild mark on the same spot as Lucy's. I don't know if the color of her mark has been shown yet but if it is pink then that just adds to this.

So I think Touka is planning on stealing Lucy's magic and replace her but needs some details in order for manipulation magic to work that much. Why would she steal Lucy's magic? Well celestial magic is rare and Lucy is the most powerful mage in that area so if Touka is going around and stealing people's magic Lucy would be a good candidate.

Its a weak theory as it has little to support it but its something to think over.

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